Garfagnana is the a TUSCAN area enclosed between the Apennine and the Apuan Alps,
It offers a wide variety of landscapes, is a valley rich in vegetation and water.
The rugged and rocky end of the Apuan Alps divides it from the sea of ​​Versilia, and is protected to the north by the more gentle slope and grassy Apennines, which degrades to lower quotas on a hill full of meadows and crops.
The course of the river Serchio anywhere marks the center of the valley.
Close to the village of Corfino is ORECCHIELLA NATURAL PARK which is now part of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian:, which offers various trails, walking horse, mountain biking, or with poles NORDIC WALKING.
All of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines is then littered with paths and with enchanting places, between mirtilleti and lakes, to go easily with the children, presenting very gentle slopes of our Apennines.
Even in winter our land offers magnificent landscapes, in pariticolare during snowfall, you can come and enjoy a busy snowshoeing on snow, in the various paths (safely) that lend themselves to a passegggiata in white!
From Corfino two paths CAI 56 and 58 that carry on Pania, and other various paths to be discovered, the owner will be happy to give you information on the paths to cross on foot, horseback or mountain bike!
Near the village there are ponds for fishing, horse riding, swimming pools to relax in the sun, tennis courts, soccer fields, a golf course and sports field.
For lovers of the mountain and the most challenging trekking then it opens the whole scenario of the Apuan Alps, crown of rocky mountains that divide our Garfagnana from Versilia: there will be many paths to conquer this mountain range.
The local cuisine offers traditional Tuscan dishes, very tasty: scattered in the valley there are many restaurants and eateries to taste them.
In addition to the various restaurants in the summer our valley comes alive with FESTIVALS where you can taste great and fresh local food, and medieval festivals (Medieval Festival of Sillico, Medieval Festival of Castiglione di Garfagnana, Feast "One step from the past" just in Corfino in August, the Commerce Week in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana).
If you have the curiosity and desire to explore the area more widely, you will find CITY 'AND PLACE' FOR ART AND NATURE reached quickly by car from the village of Corfino:
LUCCA: enchanting city with its historical walls and the many churches in 50 minutes.
CASTIGLIONE DI Garfagana: very characteristic medieval village 10 minutes by car.
ISola SANTA: lovely village, fairytale landscape nestled beside a small lake enchanted to 15 minutes.
VERRUCOLE FORTRESS: the wonderful medieval fortress to visit and offering shooting lessons with bow and orchard crops, a 15-minute drive.
SELVA DEL Buffardello: to entertain to imitate small Indiana Jones among the chestnut trees of the Garfagnana, 30 minutes by car!
BARGA: a jewel of medieval town with its majestic dome placed on top overlooking the whole town and the valley, 20 minutes by car.
POTECOSI LAKE: a fairytale landscape to be discovered, with the medieval church that rests quietly on the banks of the lake, the medieval bridge that leads to it, and the lakefront promenade in 15 minutes by car.
GROTTA DEL VENTO: discover this great and interesting work of nature, with several recommended routes to 40 minutes.
CASTELNUOVO DI GARFAGNANA: with its Ariosto's fortress and the shops a 15 minute drive.
BOTANICAL GARDEN AND SENTIERO DELLA SALUTE: at the foot of the Pania of Corfino this health path surrounded by beech forest, which leads to a botanical garden on the slopes of the Pania, you can make fresh and relaxing picnic on the various tables scattered under the beech trees.
CASTELVECCHIO PASCOLI: to visit the place where he lived and wrote his works our beloved Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli, 25 minutes by car.
DEVIL'S BRIDGE: to admire this majestic work and full of legends that involve a 40-minute drive.
VILLA COLLEMANDINA PARISH: precious Romanesque church 5 minutes from Corfino machine.
COREGLIA ANTELMINELLI, another charming village to visit a 40-minute drive.
PIETRASANTA, quaint little town, famous for the product marble from the quarries of the Apuan Alps, about 60 minutes drive.
CAMAIORE, other cittana to visit, with its lovely old town, about 60 minutes drive.
COLONNATA, set among the rocks of the Apuan Alps, and its marble quarries, is ready for you to taste its famous product: the Lard, about 60 minutes from Corfino.
ORRIDO OF BOTRI, the longest and deepest canyon of Tuscany, about 60 minutes by car
CALOMINI HERMITAGE, historical architectural complex located at the base of a large overhanging wall, about 60 minutes drive.
CASONE DI PROFECCHIA, with its excellent restaurant and winter cross-country skiing, 40 minutes by car.
TERMAL BATHS OF LUCCA, and its thermal baths, 50 min drive.
THE CHURCH OF SAMBUCA in San Romano in Garfagnana, Pieve
VAGLI, with the submerged village that becomes visible every 15 years when the lake is emptied, a 40-minute scrub.
LAKE OF VAGLI, and the village of Vagli, 40 minutes by car
And more.